Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mother Share A Picture of a Baby on Dog Leash Eating from a Dog Food Bowl

Baby on Dog Leash, child abuse
image from FB
Baby on Dog Leash, child abuse
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Baby on Dog Leash, child abuse
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A mother shared a picture of her 2 year old baby with a leash around his neck and on the ground like a dog eating from a dog food bowl. The picture went viral on Monday and authorities in the Philippines searched the person who uploaded the pictures.

The photo was posted on Facebook using the account of Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco. The photo has a caption referring to the baby as her pet “My new pet dog. My child is crazy he follows everything I told him. Got so many laughs here.”

Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) officials found the mother within 24 hours and took her son into custody.

The baby on the photo will undergo a medical examination to check for any injuries and his general state of health, after which he will be brought to a reception and study center for children and the youth in the province, which is under the DSWD.